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Are you getting the business results you REALLY want -- without killing yourself in the process?

Tired of constantly putting out fires?

Had enough of team members who don't seem engaged with the goals you want to achieve?

I've been there...

Ten years ago, I was a new manager running a mid-sized department at a small, well-known media company. My team and I were responsible for several high profile, projects. The workload was staggering, and I was stressed and overwhelmed as I struggled to get everything done.


My solution? Work harder! But it backfired…

One morning, after months of stressful 70-hour work weeks, my alarm clock went off. I tried to get out of bed and was shocked to find that I literally couldn’t move.
I was exhausted physically, mentally, and emotionally.

After taking some vacation time to recover, I realized that working harder isn’t the answer. Working more effectively is.

After years of research, mentoring, and experience, I discovered that there is a “recipe” for leading a team toward achieving and sustaining breakthrough results. From that point on, my team and I exceeded our goals with far less stress and far more fun.

Follow the guidance in Managing Performance for Results and your business results could look MUCH different – in far less time than you think.

More effective. Less stressful. Bigger results.


Download now and learn the secrets to:

Identifying the business goals you REALLY want to achieve

Engaging your team in achieving your business goals

Setting clear expectations

Tracking  performance

Providing coaching and feedback

Writing performance reviews that don't drive everyone crazy

Developing your team to meet future business goals


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