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There is an enormous difference between what most people know and what they do.  


Walk into any corporation and you'll find people habitually doing things that are producing results they do not particularly want. You’ll find sales people having difficulty selling, but ignoring  the proven sales approached the top producers follow. You’ll find managers chastising people in front of their peers even though they know it’s non-productive and aggravates the problem they are trying to solve. These people all know how to do better and yet they are not doing it and they do not know why.

Thinking Into Results addresses the why -- PARADIGMS

A paradigm is a multitude of habits fixed in a person’s subconscious mind that causes them to do something without conscious thought. paradigms cause our habitual behavior.


A common error is trying to change results by changing behavior. When this happens, the change is generally temporary. For a person to experience permanent change in their personal and professional life, there must be a change in the paradigm ­-- the primary cause of their results.


Thinking Into Results, developed by world-renowned human performance expert Bob Proctor, is widely regarded as the most effective corporate development program available today. In 12 to 24 weeks, this engaging, interactive program will guide you ­-- and your team, if you choose -- through the process of identifying what you really want, personally and professionally , and changing your paradigms to achieve and sustain your biggest goals. 

This interactive 12-part program shows you and your team how to:

  1. Set and Achieve Worthy Goals

  2. Understand the Knowing/Doing Gap

  3. Use Your Mind to Get the Results You Want

  4. Unlock the Secret to Achievement

  5. Stay in Charge No Matter the Circumstances

  6. Create the Environment and Team You Want

  7. Avoid the Land Mines that Sabotage Success

  8. Apply Knowledge to Get Results

  9. Influence Attitudes

  10. Lead to Achieve and Sustain Results

  11. Leave Everyone with a Positive Impression

  12. Increase the Power of Your Mind

Are you ready to achieve what you want, personally and professionally?

“I have been in Corporate America for over 20 years and never have I come across a program that inspires and equips people to be and do their best in all aspects of their life. This program is a must for teams and individuals to achieve big goals.”


– Brandon Dangerfield, VP of Sales Operations, Fortune 500 Company

This program is not the typical motivational hype. Until we understand how our mind operates and take time to really think about our future, things will never change. Using the principles of this program I have accomplished goals I wouldn't have dreamed possible. Sign up for this program and be prepared for a life altering experience!


– Dan Vick, Broker/Owner, RE/MAX of Kansas City

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