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Most teams don't get the results they REALLY want.

In 2016, a major university hospital was in trouble. The 135-year old hospital ranked last in patient satisfaction among it's 11 peers year after year. Worse yet, the hospital was losing millions of dollars in revenue and subsidies year after year as a result of not meeting it's patient satisfaction goals. Dedicated team members did their best but felt apathetic and demoralized.


"That's just how it is for us," they said. "Our patient population is poor and from the inner city and we lack the resources many other hospitals have, so there is not much we can do to change things."


Hospital executives knew that things needed to change - and quickly - if the hospital was to remain open. Their solution? Give all of the front-line team members customer service training.  Nearly 1,000 team members were trained.  Those who attended gave the training high ratings. Thousands of dollars and many months later, the executives checked the results. Nothing had changed. Sound familiar?

What happened?

The hospital's leaders made a common mistake - they assumed a training program alone would result in the behavior and culture change necessary for the organization to achieve and sustain high performance and big results.  


The fact is, training alone doesn't work.

Giving team members knowledge does not guarantee that they will do what is necessary to get results. Without changing team members' paradigms - habits of thought about themselves and their organization - they will at best make temporary improvements, but like a plane programmed to fly to a certain destination, their "autopilot" will put them right back on course to business as usual. When individual team members change their habits of thought, the corporate culture transforms into one that is highly effective.

Limitless Results for Leaders gets organizations big results by changing team members' habits of thought and providing a simple system for achieving and sustaining those results. 

This one-of-a kind program shows you how to transform your organization's culture and achieve and sustain the big results you really want. The program includes the seven things a leader must do to sustain big results:

  1. Think Bigger

  2. Close the Action Gap

  3. Unlock the Mental Secrets to Organizational Success

  4. Set Expectations

  5. Review Progress

  6. Appraise Performance

  7. Plan Your Development

So what happened to the struggling hospital? Within five months, they went from last place to second place among their 11 peers and exceeded their patient satisfaction goals.

Are you and your organization ready to achieve your big goals?




“All organizations are perfectly designed to get the results they are now getting. If we want different results, we must change the way we do things.”

Tom Northup, Author

Five Hidden Mistakes CEOs Make

“In business, the idea of measuring what you are doing, picking the measurements that count like customer satisfaction and performance… you thrive on that.”

Bill Gates, CEO


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